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Sean McCambridge adventuring in his CLC Eastport Pram

I am a creative front-end developer.

I’m a front-end developer at BoomTown in beautiful Charleston, SC. While I spend most of my work day writing code, I keep tripping over the line between design and development. I generally spend half my time in CSS/LESS/SASS-land and the rest swimming in a sea of JavaScript.

I like to collaborate.

I'm passionate about design. I'm outspoken about usability. But most of all, I like working with good people. I contribute to the entire project, from concept to launch. I've designed and built many sites alone from start to finish. But it's only so much fun to be a one-man band. There's nothing better than riffing ideas around a team you love to work with and sharing the honor of a job well done.

Great work is the product of curiosity and research. I'm interested in possibilities. But it's the questions posed by careful boundaries that matter most. There's nothing better than working with a designer who is truly passionate about technology. I just happen to be a developer who is passionate about design. — Need a creative developer?  Get in touch »

  • Subaru BRZ 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show website

    Subaru was about to unveil their BRZ concept at the L.A. Auto Show in 2011. It was Subaru's first two-wheel-drive car — and it was fast! Under a tight deadline, Sean led the development effort and collaborated remotely with a designer in California. Inspired by The Art of Flight snowboarding website, they designed and built an award-winning two-dimensional parallax scroller that zooms the user over a stark, racy background image with copy and beautiful shots of the BRZ concept sliding across the page to provide a real sense of smooth, tight-handling speed.
    View the Subaru BRZ concept microsite (archived) »

  • Case IH Be Ready blog

    Back in my days, the Case IH team wanted to kill two birds with one stone: social engagement and SEO. Their solution was to give Case IH a platform to publish blog posts without the pain of enterprise CMS platforms. While the Case IH website is built within the rigid confines of SharePoint, I created a custom WordPress theme for their Be Ready blog incorporating responsive design. The open-source blogging platform has been serving posts related to the sustainability and future concerns of the agriculture industry since early 2011.
    Check out the Case IH Be Ready blog »

  • Designory website

    While an employee at Designory, I was tasked as the tech lead on the Designory site redesign. Previously, Designory showcased a Flash site and suffered from a lack of visibility in search engines and non-Flash devices. Collaborating with the creative team, I built a boundary-pushing, award-winning site incorporating both responsive design and an extremely fluid and scalable layout, similar to my current website (which benefits from heavier use of CSS and less reliance on JavaScript).
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  • jQuery Tubular plugin

    Tubular is a jQuery plugin that injects a YouTube video into a web page as a full-screen, resizable background with just a few lines of code. Job-hunting in Chicago in 2010, I noticed a trend of agencies using full-screen video backgrounds on their sites. Tubular seemed like a straightforward idea that could help designers and novice developers achieve the same effect. Originally hesitant and wondering what kind of plague I might be releasing upon the web-design world, I'm happy to report that the Internets still have not been broken as a result of my plugin.
    Check out Tubular, an adventurous jQuery plugin »

  • Boats I Like website

    Traditional boats have been a part of my life since middle school when I first visited my brother, then a schooner captain in Maine. The two of us built several boats together. We still share a passion for boats and the sea. Recently, I made a habit of finding interesting boats for sale on the web and emailing links to my brother. Finally, I realized it would make sense to record my findings in a WordPress blog to share with other potential boat lovers. is built using responsive design and the ‘Pinterest-style’ jQuery Masonry plugin.
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A taste of my recent work


Photography — true to the word's root — really is writing with light. A wink of a shutter flashes light through a tiny hole onto film or digital CCD leaving a photograph, a light-stamped imprint of a moment in time. How cool is that? I'm interested in documenting place and experience.
It had been a while since I spent any quality time with my real camera. I took a big trip through the Mojave desert in November 2015. I'll post some new photos here soon. Until then, check out my Instagram profile.
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There are blogs, damned blogs and bloggy blogs.

My new project Grub Globe, playing with MapBox.js

In my downtime, I enjoy learning, scheming and tinkering. Even though MapBox wasn’t even on my list of things to look at, a couple of tangents later I was looking at a full-screen map in Jekyll. A name, a domain and a day of coding later: Grub Globe. Two weeks ago, I moved home to Charleston, SC, a great food city. I had been visiting a lot over the past year or so and had...

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Jekyll vs. WordPress

I was just lamenting how silly it is that I have a six-month-old blog with exactly three posts. I want to write. I like to write. I have 12 thoughts per second bouncing around my skull like pinballs. So why am I not I writing, damnit? I rebuilt this site over the winter using Jekyll. It was my first try at Jekyll for anything at all. It’s so simple. Jekyll isn’t really a CMS so...

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YouTube iframe embeds are not working. Twitter is awesome for real-time information

I was working on a client project. Her site has a couple of YouTube embeds, which were working fine this morning. Suddenly, as I sit down after dinner to work on her project, there are blank spaces where the videos should be. I inspect the iframe in Firebug, and the iframes are there. But they’re empty. The <head> and <body> tags inside the iframes are void of content. My iPhone debugger took it a step...

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