YouTube iframe embeds are not working. Twitter is awesome for real-time information

06 February 2013

I was working on a client project. Her site has a couple of YouTube embeds, which were working fine this morning. Suddenly, as I sit down after dinner to work on her project, there are blank spaces where the videos should be.

I inspect the iframe in Firebug, and the iframes are there. But they’re empty. The <head> and <body> tags inside the iframes are void of content.

My iPhone debugger took it a step further and read JavaScript: Error on Line 1 Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options. I had never seen this error before, so I got to Googling.

I found a whole bunch of reasons people have seen that error in the past, and none of them were helping me. So I went to the one place I know that can tell you what is going on at any moment:

Instantly, I knew I was not alone. I stopped anxiously blaming myself. I realized I would actually get some work done tonight (unless I decided later to write a blog post about my experience).

A friend of mine told me the other day that Twitter was useless — right before he found out he could vet a potential roommate by Twitter-stalking him.

But Twitter has always been good for seeing if some tweet-worthy event is being experienced at any moment by more than a couple people.

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