There might not be a good side

30 June 2018

When things aren’t going well, it’s easy to look at your situation and see what’s clearly wrong. You feel repulsed by what you’re dealing with. You want to get away from it.

This could be true of your company, the actual work you’re doing, your significant other, your friends, your hobbies and activities, or even time you’re giving to a good cause.

At the same time, you might find yourself in a situation where you have a strong feeling that your situation is worth fixing. If you resolve the issue, then you’ll feel better and feel get a sense that momentum is going in your favor.

But don’t let the bad distract you from the absence of good. Before you decide you are going to improve your position, take a hard look and ask yourself whether it’s worth repair. If the bad part, whatever it is, was resolved, then would there be a good part? If not, it’s probably not worth the time and energy just to find yourself in a neutral situation.

Don’t overlook the subtle things that are good. It’s easy to let the motivation of getting away from a bad thing make you want to run. Sometimes you’re actually running away from a good thing.

But if the core of your situation isn’t good to you, don’t get stuck in a mediocre life trying to cure the bad parts hoping there is something good hidden underneath.

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