My new project Grub Globe, playing with MapBox.js

15 August 2013

In my downtime, I enjoy learning, scheming and tinkering. Even though MapBox wasn’t even on my list of things to look at, a couple of tangents later I was looking at a full-screen map in Jekyll. A name, a domain and a day of coding later: Grub Globe.

screenshot of Grub Globe

Two weeks ago, I moved home to Charleston, SC, a great food city. I had been visiting a lot over the past year or so and had a hell of a good time trying out the new bars and restaurants that popped up since I moved to Chicago in 2010.

While any normal human would have enjoyed spending time off on the beach or on the water, this guy thought it would be fun to build a website. I love Yelp and Google for finding restaurants. But I thought it would be an interesting experiment to whittle down the process of hunting a restaurant to its element parts.

Rather than searching, filtering, filtering again, digesting reviews, trying to figure out what a 5-star rating means with only 8 reviews … maybe it would be easier to put a consensus 50 or so great restaurants on a map and call it a day.

All you’d have to do is go to the website and look at the map it loaded. The list would be curated by people who know what a great restaurant is and fill the list with unique, interesting restaurants that stand for something. If you didn’t like the criteria, you’d go back to Yelp or Google or whatever.

The site is only a day old. I already picked 50 restaurants, bars and coffee shops with some help from friends. They’re all plotted on a map with nifty icons thanks fot MapBox. There’s plenty to do, but I’m amazed by what can happen in a day.

I’ll need to find contributors who can help figure out, say, the top 100 restaurants in Chicago, New York and San Francisco. If I’m lucky, I can recruit food bloggers in every city. Going to Omaha for business? Check out the top 50 restaurants according to people who should know.

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